Music has the power to touch lives, heal wounds, and bring us closer to God. In the heart of every melody and the soul of every rhythm, there's a story waiting to be told, a journey waiting to be shared. For those seeking a light in the darkness to overcome life's most brutal battles - addiction, abuse, wavering faith, the music of Howard Gripp offers a ray of hope.

Music as a Ray of Hope

This is a world in which music isn't just an art, it’s a necessity of life. The first note that Howard played, the rhythmic beats of the drum at six; this tells the story of his early challenges and victories, pain, and tears mixed with hopes.

 The Musical Journey

Howard’s mother had a passion for music.  She nurtured that same passion within him, which he still carries with pride today. Despite initial milestones – a record deal and airtime in some European countries, the journey was short lived.  Howard’s personal life was in chaos between a struggling marriage and life on the road. But God was not finished with him.

Rediscovering Faith through Melody

Some years later, a new chapter began in Howard’s life, marked by meeting his wife, Michelle, and renewing his relationship with God. After joining the worship team at church and playing in a secular acoustic duo, Howard realized his music could be more than something for him alone.  It could be used for strength and comfort to others as well.

A Mission through Music

Life has not been easy for Howard, having dealt with divorce, addiction, depression, and other spiritual battles on his life’s journey.  As believers we are not promised an easy life- we will all face difficulties, BUT we never face anything alone.  Jesus is always there.  Howard’s music is not merely melodies and lyrics, rather a source of strength for those fighting battles and encouragement for those who have lost hope.

The Power of Song

Connecting hearts and souls through music is the goal of Howard’s ministry.  Howard’s songs are meant for people who are struggling with their faith, and those who are going through a tough season in their life’s journey.  Such music serves as a constant reminder that even though one might fall very low, there is the promise that God will extend His hands to raise them.

Join the Journey

Join us on a transformative journey with Howard as we seek to heal the world through the power of music. Music has a unique way of touching our souls, lifting our spirits, and fostering a sense of unity. This is our journey, a journey of healing, connection, and musical enlightenment. Join us, and let's make a difference, one note at a time.